/fɪlm / (say film)

1. a thin layer or coating.
2. a thin sheet of any material.
3. Photography
a. the sensitive coating, as of gelatine and silver bromide, on a photographic plate.
b. a strip or roll of cellulose nitrate or cellulose acetate composition coated with a sensitive emulsion, used instead of a photographic plate.
4. Film
a. a film strip containing consecutive pictures or photographs of objects in motion presented to the eye, especially by being thrown on to a screen by a projector so rapidly as to give the illusion that the objects or actors are moving.
b. a story, event, etc., recorded in such a way and shown in a cinema, on television or video, etc.
c. films in general: the history of Australian film.
d. the creative art of filmmaking: this director is one of the icons of film.
5. a thin skin or membrane.
6. a delicate web of filaments or fine threads.
verb (t)
7. to cover with a film, or thin skin or pellicle.
8. Film
a. to photograph with a film camera.
b. to reproduce in the form of a film or films: to film a novel.
verb (i)
9. to become covered by a film.
10. Film
a. to be reproduced in a film, especially in a specific manner: this story films easily.
b. to direct, make, or otherwise engage in the production of films.
{Middle English fylme, Old English filmen skin, membrane; related to fell4}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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